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Shape Shop Asbury Park offers Yoga, Pilates and Barre Classes with a rock n’ roll flair. Founded by music industry veteran and on-air radio personality
Christopher The Minister, and performing artist GreyStarr of the rock duo Kingston & GreyStarr, this studio’s unique music inspired classes like Yoga to Springsteen, Get The Led Out (Yoga to Led Zeppelin) Raspberry BARREt (Barre class to Prince classics) and Comfortably Numb (Yoga to Pink Floyd), embody the very essence of Asbury Park’s infamous music culture. The Minister and GreyStarr have created a space that feels like a recording studio and music museum, showcasing memorabilia from years of working with artists such as Tool, Love and Rockets and Bauhuas.
"The inspiration to create our rock n' roll studio came from a desire to create a space that unifies music, positive energy, well-being, and creative inspiration to give members and guests a unique fitness experience as unique as the seaside city of Asbury Park itself."  GreyStarr and the Minister are thrilled to be a part of the Asbury Park renaissance and look forward to sharing their love of fitness, well-being and music with everyone.
"We love sharing stories with our members whether it be music stories, concerts we’ve gone to, artists we love, hearing about health and fitness goals being reached, new healthy recipe ideas, or just sharing a cup of coffee and talking about our shared love of Asbury Park. We’ve really created a hub for healthy conversation and creative mindsets." - The Minister & GreyStarr
"Shape Shop is where I’ve found my strength…I went from telling myself I can’t do this to smiling and telling myself I’m so proud of what this body can do!"
"I've always wanted to take yoga but have always been too nervous to actually go. I'm so glad I went to Shape Shop! My anxiousness dissipated quickly as I was greeted by the friendly staff. I knew the class would be amazing the second Pink Floyd came on...I took the Thursday Comfortably Numb class. They played Pink Floyd the whole time - seriously - how awesome is that?"
"After class can I take pictures of every single thing on your walls?”
“My wife was trying to get me to do yoga for years…finally I said, I will only do yoga if it's done to rock n’ roll. So we googled Rock N’ Roll yoga just for fun….and there you guys were!!! I couldn’t believe a place like this actually exists"